2015 Ohio Valley Region, Sports Car Club of America



All events are sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and hosted by the Ohio Valley Region of SCCA. All events will be held in Columbus/Central, Ohio area at locations noted in the Observer’s Stand. The event will be conducted in accordance with the SCCA 2015 Solo rules and classes. The following supplemental regulations merely clarify points not completely covered in the Solo rules for the 2015 season. Should changes be necessary to these supplemental regulations; changes will be posted on the regions website www.ovr-scca.org and published in the Observers Stand.


Table of Contents

  1.        Event Operation
  2.        Competitors Requirements
  3.        Event Safety
  4.        Course, Grid and Course Design
  5.        Protest and Appeals
  6.        Karting and Junior Kart Driver Program
  7.        OVR Novice Program
  8.        OVR Solo Driver of the Year
  9.        Stanberry Cup & Award
  10.    OVR Class Season Championship
  11.    Governors Cup
  12.    Great Lakes Divisional Series event
  13.    Waivers for Minors
  14.    Sound Control
  15.    Annual Tech Inspection
  16.    Miscellaneous Topics
  17.    If you have any problems


1. Event Operation

  1.       The daily event schedule will be as follows: (Any revision will be posted on the website) (All times are Eastern Standard/Daylight Savings)

7:30AM                              Site Open

7:30 - 8:30AM                    Walk-in Registration

7:30 - 8:45AM                    Online Registration Check-in

7:30 - 8:45AM                    Tech Inspection Open

8:00 - 9:15AM                    Course Open for Walking

9:00 - 9:15AM                    Novice Course Walk and Meeting

9:00 - 9:15AM                    Mandatory Formula Jr Course Walk and Meeting

9:20 - 9:40AM                    Mandatory Driver's Meeting for ALL Drivers

9:40AM                              1st Heat Drivers report to the Grid

9:40AM                              1st Heat Workers report to Worker Chief

9:45AM                              1st Car on Course

After last car                      Trophy Presentation (must be present at trophy presentation to get trophy)

  1.        Registration and payment will be in advance and accepted through midnight two days prior to the event and handled through an online registration service - www.MotorSportReg.comAny questions regarding registration can be sent to ovrsolo@gmail.com
  2.       Event entries may be capped at the discretion of the Solo Chairs, and onsite registrations will always be capped at a maximum of 30 registrations per event. Entry will be reserved for those registered and paid in advance followed by those who register at the site. No preference will be made for members. Registration is only confirmed when payment is received.
  3.       Fee schedule is as follows:

SCCA Members Registered and paid in advance                                    $29.00

SCCA Members Registered and paid at event                                       $35.00

Non-members Registered and paid in advance                                      $40.00

Non-members Registered and paid at event                                         $49.00

SAE Students, Kart Drivers, OVR Board members, Solo Chiefs                $20.00

SAE Students, Kart Drivers, OVR Board members, Solo Chiefs paid at event $25.00

  1.        Entry fees may be credited to a future event only for an emergency, at the discretion of the Solo Event Chairs. Fees will be credited to the NEXT scheduled event, should the competitor have another problem or fail to show, those fees will be credited to the Stanberry Cup Fund. All registration fees collected when a competitor does not show at an event will be reclassified as a donation to the Stanberry Cancer Fund rather than income from Entry Fees. Fee schedules may be revised only if published on the OVR Website prior to an event. Any entry fee, paid by check online and returned to the OVR Treasurer, for any reason, will result in a $25.00 service charge
  2.        Only event Chiefs and Timing & Scoring personnel are permitted in and around the Timing & Scoring vehicle (Moby). Unauthorized personnel will be disqualified from the event. Questions with respect to Timing & Scoring should be made to one of the Solo Chairs; they will handle all Timing & Scoring protests. Posted times are unofficial until confirmed and marked official by the Timing & Scoring Chief. Spotters and radios may be utilized for penalty tracking. A final audit will be made after each run group and subsequent scoring changes will be posted.
  3.       The Solo Chairs have the authority to set the number of runs per heat and can end the Event at their discretion as long as each entrant has the same number of opportunities to run in class and has had at least three runs. If changes are made, scoring will be adjusted accordingly.
  4.       Everyone entering the event site must sign the waiver form and wear an official credential (wristband). Wristbands must be properly displayed on preferably the wrist, or at least the front, upper part of the body, not attached to hats, belt loops, shoestrings, etc. (A driver or passenger must be able to display their wristband to the starter before each run). A worker will be stationed at the entrance to control access to the site and ensure waivers are signed and credentials issued.
  5.         Adults accompanied by minors must report to Registration for Minor Waivers and wristbands. (See Section 12)
  6.         Trophies will not be mailed to, or held for winners. Plan to attend the award presentation, or have a designee attend the trophy presentation to accept an award on your behalf. Trophies will be awarded based on the number of cars that actually compete in class during the event as indicated below:

1-3 entries         1 trophy                    10-13 entries        4 trophies

4-6 entries         2 trophies                 14-17 entries        5 trophies

7-9 entries         3 trophies                 18-21 entries        6 trophies

In addition to Class Awards, we will present trophies to the top raw FTD recipient, the best PAX time recipient and top novice.


  1.        Fun runs may be available at the end of the regular runs if time permits and with the permission of the Solo Chairs. Only registered competitors for that day may run a “tech inspected” car. A fee of $1.00 per run will be charged and will be a donation to the Stanberry Cancer Fund. Timing equipment and course workers may or may not be available. All drivers who participate in fun runs are asked to remain available to help with cleanup.


2. Competitor Requirements

  1.       Competitors, with the exception of Formula Junior Drivers, must present a valid driver’s license at Registration. SCCA members must show a valid membership card to receive the member discount. All competitors must be members of the SCCA or have filled out and paid for a weekend membership form.
  2.        All competitors are required to work each event. Failure to fulfill worker requirements will result in disqualification, which is not protestable. The Worker Chief will track compliance at each heat. Plan to work.
  3.        Entries are limited to a maximum of three different competitors in the same car, in a given class at an event only with prior approval of the Solo Chairs.
  4.       OVR encourages all competitors to comply with Section 3.7 of the 2015 Rules regarding vehicle identification. New competitors may use paper, which is masking taped to their vehicle. Paper, markers and masking tape may be available in the registration area.
  5.        A competitor may only enter an event once.
  6.        Passengers, who are not also competitors, must fill out a weekend membership form, but the membership fee will be waived.


3.   Event Safety

  1.       Speed on the event site property shall not exceed 10 MPH. Tire warm ups in the Paddock area, or on surrounding roads are prohibited. THERE WILL BE NO WARNINGS - IF YOU ARE CAUGHT, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE! 10 MPH is a fast walk. If we need to run to catch you, you are going too fast.
  2.        Passengers age 12 and above will be allowed to ride with competitors. Minor passenger must have properly filled out minor waivers. (see section 13)
  3.       No person may ride on any vehicle coach work or trailer at any time at the event site.
  4.       No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the event site during competition. The use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs is prohibited at all times. Violators will be disqualified from the event. Anyone found to be under the influence will be disqualified without refund.
  5.        Drivers will be held responsible for the actions of their crew and guests.
  6.        Any time Junior Karts are competing, no cars will be moving, on course, or in, or near the grid area.


4.   Course, Grid and Course Design

  1.       There may be more than one car on course at a time.
  2.        No vehicles will be allowed in the Grid area except for the cars being run in the current heat, or if staging car for next heat.
  3.       Two-driver cars will run from the car’s lowest number position in the two-driver lane. It is the responsibility of the second driver to run in the proper order and to insure that at least five minutes or five cars have elapsed from the first driver’s run.
  4.       If you need help or need to remove a car from the grid, please coordinate with the Grid Chief or Grid Workers.
  5.        The course design may be evaluated by a drive through by a Solo Chairperson, Chief Safety Steward, Event Chairperson, or designated driver.
  6.        All pylons at and before the start and at and after the finish line, surrounding the timers, will be scored as a “DNF” if displaced per the “down and out” rule.
  7.       No fuel containers of any type will be permitted in the grid area without supervision of a grid worker and a fire extinguisher readily available. The Junior Kart grid is an exception to this rule. A fire extinguisher and water supply will always be available in the kart grid area.
  8.       Drivers are expected to stay with their vehicles in the grid area and may be eliminated from a run if their absence results in a delay of the event.


5.   Protests and Appeals

  1.       Protests and appeals must be written and specific, pursuant to Section 8 of the SR
  2.        The Protest and Appeals Committee is appointed by the Solo Chairpersons from members who are knowledgeable competitors. Such committee(s) will not include the Event Chairperson or the Solo Chairpersons.
  3.       A final appeal is available and must be submitted to the OVR Board of Directors.
  1. Fees are as follows: Protest - $20.00             Appeals - $20.00          OVR Board Appeal - $75.00


6.   Karting and Junior Kart Driver’s Program

  1.       The Junior Kart Driving Program is fully supported by OVR. All Junior Kart drivers will be familiar with the provisions and guidelines set forth in the OVR Karting Guidelines with are published under a separate cover, as well as the SCCA Rule Books.
  2.        While the junior karts are running, no full-bodied cars will be on course or moving in the grid area.
  3.       Event Procedures for the running of karts. Karts will be assigned a run/work group each morning. After the last full bodied car in the group has run and returned to its’ grid location the karts will take the course. The Youth Steward, Safety Steward and Grid Workers will coordinate to insure that the karts are safely directed around or through the grid area during their runs. Generally speaking, the karts will be run in numerical order by class in the following order: Shifter Karts, 100CC Adults, FJA, FJB, and FJC. The Formula Junior Youth Steward may deviate from the order above to allow for two-driver karts, or new drivers that might be significantly slower than others in their class.


7.   OVR Novice Driver Program

  1.       A driver who has participated in fewer than three (3) or fewer SCCA events in the last ten (10) years will be eligible to enter the program for the current year.
  2.       The novice class is a separate trophy class. Novice drivers will also be eligible for regular trophies in their respective classes.
  3.        The Amy Pickering Solo II Novice Driver of the Year Award is a rotating award that will be given to the Solo II Driver who has exhibited the most improvement over the course of his or her first year as a Solo II competitor. Amy Pickering grew up in the SCCA family. After getting her driver’s license, she impressed her fellow competitors with her driving skill, ability to learn and enthusiasm for the sport. Amy died shortly after concluding her first year as a Solo II competitor. In an effort to help fill this void, a Memorial Award was created in her memory in 1988. Additional attributes considered for this award include enthusiasm for the sport and support of the region.
  4.        To be eligible a novice must be an OVR/SCCA member in good standing and compete in at least six (6) of the regular season points events.
  5.       The winner of this award is determined by a voting committee made up of the Solo Chairperson and two ineligible experienced drivers, usually the Novice Coordinator.
  1. Drivers will be responsible for declaring their novice status at each event by signing up as a novice competitor at registration.
  2. Novice drivers will compete against each other on a handicap basis utilizing the current PAX index.


8.   OVR Solo Driver of the Year

  1. To be eligible to be considered for Driver of the Year an entrant must be an OVR/SCCA member in good standing and compete in the regular season points events as an OVR/SCCA member.
  2. The Driver of the Year Award originated in 1968, and is a rotating cup that is presented to the individual who has demonstrated outstanding driving achievements, and met certain criteria such as winning his or her class at the local level, and by competing on divisional and national levels. Selection will be based on the driver’s track performance, as well as his/her support of the region and a positive representation when competing outside of OVR.
  3. Will be selected by a voting committee made up of the Solo Chairperson and two ineligible experienced drivers.


9.   Stanberry Cup Event & Award

  1. The Stanberry Cup Event & Award were started in 2002. These programs were created in memory of Lynn Stanberry and to recognize her support of OVR’s Solo program, even while she was very ill. It was Lynn’s desire to see more women involved in motorsports. The Stanberry Cup Award is a rotating cup that was developed to recognize a female member of OVR who’s active participation, whether through competition, promotion or support of OVR’s events, furthers the Solo II program. This award is voted upon by the Solo Chairman and the program Chiefs.
  2. The Solo program has also dedicated its energy to supporting programs that increase breast cancer awareness, education and research. “Extra” funds that are raised by the program will be dedicated to the Stanberry Cancer Fund.  At least one Event will be dedicated to a fund-raiser event in support of the Stanberry Cancer Fund.


10. OVR Season Class Championship

  1. Each class will have a season champion if entries warrant.
  2. To be eligible to be considered for a class championship, an entrant must be an OVR/SCCA member in good standing and compete in at least five (5) of the regular season points events as an OVR/SCCA member.
  3. Points will be awarded to members relative to the official class winning times. To calculate the total points earned during the season we will considered the best six (6) events during the season.
  4. Event points are not transferable between classes
  5. Points =100(900*(competitors time - class winner time/class winners time)).

Points are whole numbers; fractions will be rounded to the nearest whole number

The maximum points awarded for a non-winner is 99.99 points.

The minimum number of points awarded to any competitor is 25 points

Single car classes will be awarded 70 points.

  1. In the case of a tie, points are calculated without rounding to the nearest whole number.


11. Governor’s Cup

  1. Governor's Cup will be a special event; Event supps to be shared separately.


12. Great Lakes Divisional Solo Series event

  1. A Great Lakes Divisional Solo Series event may be hosted by the region; Event supps to be shared separately.


13. Waivers for Minors (See Waiver link on OVR for more in depth details)

  1. Parents or legal guardians must sign a minor waiver for each minor attending an event. Two terms of waiver are available. A one-day waiver, valid for that event only and an annual waiver. All minor waivers must be witnessed by a Registrar or Current SCCA Member. Minors do not sign the adult waiver.
  2. Only one parent or legal guardian signature is needed on a one-day waiver to allow a minor to attend an event.
  3. A waiver must be signed by both parents or all legal guardians before a minor can participate at the event or be permitted in designated “hot” areas. (Specifically, minor drivers in the Junior Kart Program, minors age 12 and over who wish to be passengers in competing cars or in “hot” areas and any competing licensed driver under the age of 18.)
  4. Annual waivers must be signed by both parents and all legal guardians. The waiver must state “All SCCA Solo Events and All Dates 2015” to be valid. A new waiver form must be signed each calendar year. A yellow “Rally/Solo Minor ID” card may be issued to designate the Region has a signed waiver on file. A processing fee of $5.00 may be charged. In the case of “shared custody” both parent’ signatures are required on the waiver. In the case of single custody, the sole guardian box must be checked. Participating minors with signed waivers will be issued a special wristband.
  5. A minor attending the event without his/her parents or legal guardians may bring a signed waiver to the event. Blank waivers are available from the Registrar. Waivers are also available online at www.scca.org and must be completed in duplicate and printed in red and black to be accepted. Waivers must be presented to the Registrar to be witnessed. Minors will not be permitted on the event site without a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. The region may require that the waiver be notarized.
  6. Club Racing 2015 Minor ID cards permit the minor to be in non-hot areas only at Solo events. A separate waiver is required for participating minors as detailed in section 12.D.


14. Sound Control

  1. In an effort to help insure that the region continues its good neighbor policies that enable us to get and retain premium sites OVR, will continue to enforce sound control regulation. OVR feels the equipment being utilized is of sufficient quality and accuracy. Any competitor desiring to debate the accuracy of our equipment must first calibrate and donate equipment of greater quality to the region before submitting their appeal.
  2. The sound level of each vehicle will be measured at the fastest “under power” portion of the track at a distance of 100’.
  3. Any sound level produced and measured by any vehicle that is equal to or great than 98db at 100’ will be found in violation of the OVR sound limitations.
  4. All vehicles exceeding 96db will be logged by the sound control workers and posted at the conclusion of each heat.
  5. Any time a vehicle produced sound that is measuring 98db or more will be immediately logged and reported to the Event Chairman or Chief Tech Inspector by radio. The event official will advise the entrants of the vehicle that they are in violation of OVR’s sound regulations.
    Should any vehicle be measured a second time in excess of 98db, the Event Chair or Chief Tech Inspector will advise the participants that they:
  1.        Will not be entitled to any more runs, unless they can prove that an acceptable effort has been made to bring the vehicle into compliance,
  2.        All times recorded prior to the violation will be changed and recorded as DSQ (disqualified).
  1. Violations of the Sound Control Standards do not warrant a refund of entry fees, all decisions are final, and are not eligible for protest.
  2. Alternate Sound Control limits may be listed for specific events with event supps shared separately.


15. Annual Tech Inspection

OVR will support an annual tech inspection process based on a calendar year. Under this program, cars of eligible SCCA/OVR members will be inspected annually for technical safety and preparation for Solo competition. After the Annual Tech is completed the competitor is responsible for verifying that the car remains in compliance with Section 3.3 of the 2015 Solo Rule book. If there is a change in the condition of the car during the year, such as damage or significant modification, the competitor is responsible to obtain a re-inspection before competing in the next event. Any car may, at the discretion of the Chief Tech Inspector, be re-inspected at any time.

  1. To be eligible to participate in the Annual Tech program the owner of the vehicle must be 
    1) a Current SCCA Member, 
    2) judged responsible, skilled and capable of insuring the vehicle is safe for competition, 
    3) possess a current rule book and:
  1. Must have three years as an active competitor with OVR, or
  2. have documented, on the back inside of his/her rule book, 12 OVR event tech inspections, or
  3. been eligible in the prior year, or
  4. receive a waiver from the Chief Tech Inspector supporting equivalent experience in other SCCA regions.
  1. To verify that an annual tech inspection has been completed, an Annual Tech record will be kept by tech and a decal will be placed in the lower left-hand corner of the windshield. Should the decal become lost, the Annual Tech record will serve as proof of the inspection and another one issued.
  2. Annual Tech Inspections may be accomplished at any time during the season that a competitor becomes eligible, or decides to participate. The Inspections will be conducted by appointment at each event, and signup sheets with appointment times will be displayed in the registration area.
  3. Rulebook entries verifying the successful completion of an inspection may only be authorized and signed by the OVR Chief Tech Inspector, or his Designee, in his absence.


16. Miscellaneous Topics

  1. Pets must be enclosed in a vehicle or on a leash at all times. No pets are permitted in the grid and staging areas. Do not allow your pet to relieve him/herself without properly disposing of the items left behind. No pets will be left unattended in public areas.
  2. Driver’s Meetings are mandatory. Failure to attend a mandatory driver’s meeting will waive the competitor’s right to protest for that event and lead to disqualification for any timed runs made by the competitor.
  3. For regional competition, OVR will provide an Adult 100cc Yamaha class. This class basically mirrors the WKA Manufacturers Cup, Section 200.
  4. Children under the age of 5 years are to be in the hand of someone at least 16 years old. Under no circumstances are children under the age of 12 permitted in the grid and staging areas, except for Junior Kart Drivers during and in preparation for their heat.
  5. Overnight camping is not permitted on the event site without prior approval of the Solo Chair
  6. Any competitor or spectator found to be littering, defacing, or damaging property belonging to OVR, its sponsors, or event site owners can be disqualified and/or ejected from the event site, and penalties applied at the discretion of the Solo Chairperson.
  7. The Solo Chair and/or Registrar will maintain an e-mail list to help keep participants informed of schedule changes, etc. Participants are encouraged to regularly visit the Region web site at http://www.ovr-scca.org/ and are invited to join the unofficial discussions with other OVR members at http://forum.ovr-scca.org/ .
  8. Information gathered, such as names and addresses will only be shared within the region and National Offices of the SCCA.
  9. Smoking is not permitted on the grid or staging areas.



17. If you have any problems feel free to contact a Committee Member listed on the OVR Web Site at www.ovr-scca.org.

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