2017 Tire Rack Mineral Wells ProSolo: Tune-In

With Spring Nationals over, it's time to move south – we're now onto the 7th stop of the 2017 Tire Rack Pro Solo calendar. Mineral Wells is set with 201 drivers registered and ready to hit the heat in Texas. Weather may play a role so look for changing conditions throughout the weekend. Keeping that in mind let's take a look at some of the match ups.

STR is HUGE in the Lone Star state. With 21 registered drivers, it will be the most populated class by a large margin. Early favorites look to be Ricky Crow, Vivek Goel, or Kerry Coughlin. Crow is coming off a win at Blytheville, and a second in Lincoln and may just use that momentum to capture the win on his home turf.

L1 is excited to see the return of Beth McClure. With a total of 7 drivers, and 5 of those from the hosting state, we'll see if the 2 imported drivers can show the locals a thing or two. Expect to see a large mix of vehicles – rotary to 2 stroke, Porsche to Miata the Ladies will be piloting a diverse group of vehicles in their indexed class.

CAM sees the return of Blytheville class and challenge winner David Lousteau in the high-powered and beautiful '65 AC Cobra. This car is as fast as it looks – and the other drivers will need to be on their A-Game if they want to make it to the top spot of the CAM podium.

CS is the knife fight in the group. All 8 entries are shown as driving a 2016 MX-5 so this is about as close to a spec class as we will see this weekend. With Andy Hollis, Dave Ogburn, Daniel McCelvey all looking for top honors this will be a great matchup and a huge battle.

R1/R2 is host to total of 20 entrants with an even split of 10 drivers in each class, but with 4 National Solo jackets in R1 and 3 in R2 the competition looks to be close. Let’s not forget though, this is Pro Solo where reaction times and 60' can make the difference. Winning will require quick start times paired with exceptionally quick runs to capture the win in either class.

One thing is for sure, drivers will be keeping one eye on site conditions and the other on the start tree all while experiencing all the great hospitality that Texas has to offer. We hope to see you there!