2017 Tire Rack Crows Landing Championship Tour: Tune In

Photo by Teddie Alexandrova

One week after the Pro Solo, Crows Landing hosts the third Championship Tour of the season. A late surge in entries has topped 230 as this is being written. Many travel great distances to get time on the grippy concrete runways that some liken to Lincoln. The excellent weather we had for the Pro Solo weekend looks to repeat, though warmer, with sunny skies and high temperatures in the 80s. Make sure to bring adequate sunscreen.

Event site directions from the Pro Solo Check-In bear repeating: Those coming to the site should be aware of entering ONLY on Ike Crow Rd. Set your GPS to the intersection of CA-33 and Ike Crow Rd in Crows Landing CA, then head west on Ike Crow Rd to enter the site (about 1.5 miles). SFR might lose the facility if these instructions are not followed so please be respectful of this request.

Easily the largest class with 24 entries is STX. Jonathan Lugod edged Terence Chang and Jeff Wong, all in the BRZ/FR-S, for the Pro win. Can he repeat or will another driver rise to the top?

The favorite in STR with 15 entries must be National Champion James Yom in his S2000. Yom ended up on top in the Pro Solo also. Ron Bauer in the MX-5 cannot be discounted.

Other large classes are C Street with 13 entries (a single Jaguar XKE against the MX-5 hordes), B Street with 12 entries, E Street with 10 (Miata vs MR2), and 7 Porsche GT3s pack the 9 entries in Super Street.

Many will be watching the matchup of pony car-lite vs the BRZ/FR-S in D Street. Mark Scroggs was dominant in his Camaro at the Pro. Will his domination continue without the Pro Solo launch advantage?

CP will see the new Mustang of John Peters and Brian Hogan face off against Frank Stagnaro’s 1965 classic which took Mike Maier to the National Championship. However, Maier is not listed among the entrants at press time.